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By Meagan Camp Taking a moment to step back and reevaluate your company’s social media strategy will set you and your marketing team on a more stable course and possibly enable greater growth and brand awareness for many quarters to come. After you have reevaluated your brand’s voice on social media and evaluated all the

By Meagan Camp Whether you are a social pro or not, 2020 has rewritten quite a few of the long-standing social media rules. Now more than ever, companies are being asked to do more than post a funny photo on National Coffee Day. Brands are now expected to take stances, be intensely transparent about their
As most of the nation knows, shortly after our Christmas holiday Congress and President Trump passed another economic stimulus package giving many of our struggling citizens an additional $600 stimulus check. The Small Business Administration was immediately directed to offer a second round of Payroll Protection Program relief to small businesses, known as the PPP
This holiday filled month can be clouded with thoughts on time-off, being with family, dealing with COVID during your celebrations, shopping in-person or online, wrapping, decorating, and relaxing into the holiday.  However, now is a great time to prepare for much-needed time-off with family and prepare for day one back at work with your team
Questions to Ask Owners and CEOs As owners, CEOs, CFOs, and other strategic leaders of companies, you focus appropriately on the vision and how to achieve that objective. Moreover, you spend significant amounts of time establishing goals, objectives, processes, and procedures to handle the day-to-day operations. You look at financial and operational reports to help