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We are your GO-TO. Simple or Complex.

At Mebuis, our business advisors bridge assessment of the core values and advantages of your business, determines changes in personnel, policy, marketing, procedures, and overall company strategy while keeping technology in the back office to help your business be the strongest in today’s environment. Some issues are simple. Some are complex. We are here to help you. Our clients engage us as situations develop.


Specifically designed for businesses who feel stuck or aren’t growing at the rate they expect, our Assessment & Plan Service provides a complete and unbiased look


If you have a product you believe in but lack the strategic or technical knowledge on how to sell it to the world, our Mebuis Strategic Planning Service is for you..


Need a clear picture of what the future of your business looks like? Our Financial Analysis & Modeling Service does exactly that by taking a look at your

Business Intelligence

Track your business’s most important metrics to effectively measure growth and success.

As a business owner, it can be difficult keeping track of details such as KPIs, metrics, benchmarks, and more. With our Business Advisors, that will no longer be the case because we’ll gather the necessary data you need and collate them for you. That way, you’ll always have a clear picture of your company’s performance and its current trajectory.

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Price Modeling

Build an effective pricing model that ensures business stability and growth.

Determining the right price for your product or service is a tricky endeavor that involves a wide variety of factors. As a result, businesses can make changes to their pricing model that are based on the wrong reasons, which leads to a decline in growth and stability.

Project Services

Acquire a competent team that gets things done for your business––no matter what it is.

If your business needs any type of help, Mebuis can come in and make an immediate impact. Whether it’s something new or something that has slowly mothballed into a hot mess, Mebuis can help you fix it and make things even better.

Our Key Achievements

At Mebuis our Business Advisors have supported clients and
organizations that we constantly receive
positive feedback from. Most of the businesses
we consult with have established long-term
relationships with us.

In less than a year with a new client, we have developed, executed, and implemented strategic plans that worked wonders in every part of an organization
In under 12 months, we have built a custom SaaS (Software as a service) platform.
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We have tripled revenues or more in multiple organizations within two years.
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Talk With Mebuis Today About Helping You Assess Your Business AND Put It To Work For You

Whether you are searching for a short-term solution or a more broad-based strategy to determine your business goals, our business advisors aim to fit your business needs to achieve great results for you and your company.

What Makes Mebuis Stand Out

At Mebuis we pride ourselves on business intelligence, rich experience from top-notch business advisors, and tangible outcomes

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We believe data speaks for itself. Therefore, we utilize business intelligence and harness the power of business analytics, data mining, visualization, and tools to help your organizations reach better data-driven decisions.
Using the latest insights and technology from the field, we create services that fit with your organization’s internal capabilities and budget.
With a sustainable approach, we will help you comprehend your data and use sophisticated tools to achieve better performance yourself after we complete our missions.
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A combination of years of expertise in various fields is the biggest treasure of Mebuis. However, we won’t hold anything back when it comes to business advisement for your organization.
We offer a personalized, C-level approach to your business. We do this by listening, identifying, and addressing current problems as well as potential ones.
Next, we form an elite team to tackle the challenges and help you sail through difficult times.
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A truly efficient consultation must show the result. That is our working motto.
At Mebuis we keep our shoulder to the wheel and help you bring your business to the next level with innovative and creative solutions.
We identify your business’ resource-based advantages and present actionable options to take your business in the right direction.
All of our efforts will be reflected clearly in your business’s productivity, revenue, and profit.

Satisfied Clients

“George provided a comprehensive assessment looking closely at our service lines, pricing, expenses, revenue, profit and probably most importantly, people. Over a few months George was able to understand my business and make recommendations that would change the trajectory of my company forever.”

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M. Gale & Associates – Missy Founder & CEO, Fort Worth, Texas

“Mebius provided organized, thorough and complimentary services to our team including scoping, gathering, analyzing and programming the workflows around our business needs and the software limitations.”

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BorrowWorks – Ben CEO, Fort Worth, Texas

“As Vice President of Information Systems for Luther King Capital Management, I have leveraged Mr. Fassett’s knowledge and utilized his skill set in several consulting ...

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Luther King Capital Management - Pam Vice President, Fort Worth, Texas

Mebuis Business Advisors will deliver results that positively impacts your business.

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