Your Success is Our Mission

Your success isn’t just a goal; it’s our relentless mission. We’re committed to driving your success with expert guidance and innovative solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

Mebuis’s mission is to help business owners gain and retain customers in the face of rapid change while creating a work environment where people flourish. Our vision is to become the most trusted business consulting partner for businesses and brands throughout the United States.

About Mebuis

With 25+ years of experience in business consultation, Mebuis focuses on providing practical and bespoke solutions to a rapidly changing market. With our diverse skill set, education, certifications, credentials, and strategic directions we offer comprehensive packages and services for various clients across the United States. We believe through knowledge sharing, sustainable plans, and in-depth collaborative client environments we can bring an exceptional level of success to your business.

Your Trusted Partner

We believe that successful partnerships are made through fostering strong personal relationships.

Our Solutions

We provide a variety of consulting solutions for businesses across the U.S.

Expert Insights

Lead your business with an executive coach who knows what it’s like to run an organization.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking to add driven and talented people to our growing team.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all consulting services.

We specialize in personalized strategic solutions for local businesses, with a focus on strategic planning, fractional leadership, advanced technology, finance, and marketing. It’s not just a plan; it’s a partnership that powers your business or multi-location brand.

Strategic Planning

Develop a winning business strategy that delivers real results.

Financial Analysis

Gain an accurate projection of your future business goals.

Advanced Technology

Streamline your business with cutting-edge technology.

Enhanced Marketing

Reach the right people, the right way and boost your sales.

We Believe

Our constant investment in talented people makes Mebuis’s approach unique. We believe people are the key to unlocking effective and sustainable marketing solutions. We’ve found that even the business consultants fail without a sound strategy and a team of people to keep it agile and working. We proudly offer a combination of strategies, solutions and the right people.

We’re Hiring!

Whether you’re looking to be an outgoing sales professional or to work behind the scenes at corporate, Mebuis has a place for you! We are always looking for energetic, self-motivated individuals to add to our team. Learn more about the positions that we have open below!

Certified & Trusted Partners

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