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Mebuis Business Advisors brings leadership, entrepreneurial vision to your company. We bring traditional C-Level experience to help you discover and identify issues that will enable us to facilitate change while identifying other related or non-related issues that may need to be addressed.


Mebuis will enable your businesses to incorporate technology to measure real results. With a focus on identifying your business’ resource-based advantages and we help you execute a strategy to achieve the right results. Then we implement a unique blend of change-management and action-item deliverables.


Mebuis can deliver technology with intelligence to improve your business expertise. Knowing and understanding that data and information are simply tools, Mebuis will help you and your business identify and integrate the right technology to provide you the information to strengthen your business and provide results.

We are your go-to. Simple or Complex.

Mebuis bridges assessment of the core values and advantages of your business, determines changes in personnel, policy, marketing, procedures, and overall company strategy while keeping technology in the back office to help your business be the strongest in today's environment. Some issues are simple. Some are complex. We are here to help you. Our clients engage us as situations develop.

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Whether you are searching for a short-term technology-infused solution or a more broad-based strategy to determine your business goals, we aim to fit the your personal needs to achieve great results.

Mebuis Advisors is your Personal Business Consultancy

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