By Meagan Camp

Taking a moment to step back and reevaluate your company’s social media strategy will set you and your marketing team on a more stable course and possibly enable greater growth and brand awareness for many quarters to come. After you have reevaluated your brand’s voice on social media and evaluated all the networks where you wish to have a presence, what content should you start creating for your followers? 

Get Graphic

One recurring trend that shows no signs of slowing down is nostalgia. As we all Zoomed in slippers this year, social media became a place to rediscover vintage TV shows, share childhood photos and relive small comforting memories of the past. It’s a sweet reminder that social media can be a place of connection, not just a marketplace or where you debate family members about politics. That said, nostalgic is not how you should feel about your graphics for social media. Are you using that same frame, color palette or Canva template from 2018? Break free! While you should thread your branding through everything you produce, social media is where you can experiment, try out new ideas and have fun with your brand. Need to prove it to your team? Build a creative campaign and test your audience (even poll them directly if you want to) with some new graphics and track the response. It might just help unlock a new part of your content strategy or lead to refreshing your firm’s digital identity.

Create, Click and Share

Videos, Reels, TikTok, IG Live, are just a few of the ways you can host fireside chats or host a conference this year. Visual content is the content that network algorithms are putting their weight behind, and users can’t get enough. For some marketers, creating video content is daunting unless they have the right tools and access to projects or people to interview. What is a social media manager to do? Hubspot and Talkwalker just released their “2021 Social Media Trends Report” and reported that user-generated content drives 28% more engagement than standard brand-led content. Marketers predict that “remixing” content with music, artful editing and sharing content from clients, employees and industry organizations will dominate in 2021. Remixing makes it easier to plan out your calendar as static content (photos or infographics) can be converted into video with simple apps. Social media etiquette obviously dictates that you collaborate and give the original creators credit to keep your community growing and your reputation squeaky clean.  

Along with these suggestions for elevating your social media strategy going into 2021, the biggest lesson everyone online has learned is that being transparent, human and honest is paramount to building a loyal and active community. There is a lot of misinformation and confusion online in every industry. Users want to support firms and brands that celebrate their company culture and have a mission that clearly drives every project they take on. Each recommendation here is an opportunity to step back and look for opportunities to expand your brand awareness through social media. Looking for support with your digital strategy with your marketing team? 

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