By Meagan Camp

Whether you are a social pro or not, 2020 has rewritten quite a few of the long-standing social media rules. Now more than ever, companies are being asked to do more than post a funny photo on National Coffee Day. Brands are now expected to take stances, be intensely transparent about their culture and loosen the reigns around how they interact with their online community. Both the B2B and B2C brands on social media haven’t been immune to these changes in expectations, so here are the first two of four ways to refocus your social media strategy and stay on track for growth in 2021. Social media software Sprout Social released new polling that says 89% of consumers will buy from a brand they follow on social media.

Rethink Your Voice (or make sure you have one to start with) 


If your company’s marketing team hasn’t taken a look at the key messaging and voice for social media in a while, or ever, you must start there. Where to start? Take a look at your analytics and do a deep dive into who is following you and create a high-level persona for each network where you have a presence. Are your followers industry peers? Former clients? Use your analytics tool or do a manual audit and start thinking about how you want to communicate with that group. Social media is often written in a general voice to please anyone who might scroll by, but the strongest voices know who they are talking to. Spend an hour learning who your followers are and then think about the resources and content they are interested in and begin to build your relationship with them.

Are You Everywhere You Want to Be?

A common misconception is that your business should have representation on every social media network. But should you really? I tell my clients to first look at their industry and identify which networks they tend to see the most information shared on. Where are your clients the most active? Your vendors or future employees? In B2B, LinkedIn – which grew to almost 700 million users in 2020 – is where professionals not only want to interact and the platform has added new features left and right to make give users more opportunities to form genuine connections. So what do you do with that dormant Twitter that hasn’t tweeted since 2017? Let it go or invest the time to develop a strategy to give it purpose. Do a social media audit to identify all active social media accounts and then decide where your brand will make the most impact. Be where your future clients and industry community are so you can be part of the conversation.

Does your marketing team need support with your digital strategy? .

Does your marketing team need support with you digital strategy? Contact Meagan Camp