By Meagan Camp

Everyone in business is recounting the seismic shift in how they communicated to not only their people but their clients, followers, and the world at large as we mark the end of one year since lockdown. Marketing teams in companies of all sizes we’re at the mercy of last-minute changes in internal and external communications throughout the year and had to throw out their carefully crafted marketing plans and replace them with full-time crisis management communications. Creating content, staying positive, and adapting to leadership’s needs led to the inevitable burnout of the most creative people in any company. I’ve been asked many times since the beginning of 2021 to share some ideas on how to get marketing back on track after the ups and downs of last year. Here are three small ways you can help your marketing team bounce back and start creating again.

1) First, acknowledge the challenges and hard work for your marketing department.

Everyone adapted to change in the workplace last year, but the marketing team had to dress it up, double-check for clarity, and manage expectations for external outlets like your website, social media, and email marketing and help craft messaging internally to your employees. Give them a chance to catch their breath and give them credit for staying creative in a vacuum.

2) Encourage a clean slate. Most data from 2020 that comes from your website or social media will reflect content that was created during the pandemic and wouldn’t reflect a normal marketing plan but will still have value about content that resonated with your audience now. Consider planning a deep dive marketing audit, internally or with an outside consultant if resources are available, and get a read on what worked and what didn’t in 2020.


3) Ask your marketing team if there are lessons learned from 2020 that made them better and if they need better tools to work efficiently, whether they are at home or in the office. How does your marketing team communicate? Could they use a better project management tool or content creation tool? Making a small investment in a tool like Canva or Asana could give a significant morale boost by streamlining their communication and creative tools.