Business Discovery – The first step in Business Advisement

Meeting one-on-one or with a leadership group is the first step of many, but one that not only sets the tone for a business relationship, it also serves as a key process in getting to know and understand the inner workings of your business. From assessing how your business infrastructure works to ascertaining the important business processes and communications are conducted.

Before we provide a business advisement proposal, Mebuis will plan for a series of “discovery” meetings to review things such as business mission and vision statements, vendor relations, human resource process, review marketing plans as well as deployment of products and services and post customer support and other business operations. Every business discovery process is different and is tailored to the individual client in order to determine what goals, initiatives and advisory recommendations are made and extended to a tasked deliverable.

We are often asked how long does it take to “discover” these items. Typically, between 3-5 meetings would encompass other small meetings with key individuals would suffice to gather, not only the “big picture” of a business’ processes, but to diagram the small connections between these individuals, departments and resources.

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